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Join our team

We are looking for motivated real estate salespersons to join our growing team. 



With access to three MLS services, LandSeAir provides agents with a full view of the real estate market to better service clients. 



Work from anywhere with online transactions rooms and electronic signatures. LandSeAir provides its agents with the latest technology in the industry.



Stand out from the competition and win more listings with our in house Virtual Reality and 3D Photography services. Make every listing look its best.

Work Remotely

Our systems are set up for you to work from anywhere you want, at any time. Full-time access to all of our databases, services and documents. Build Your Brand – we give you the freedom to develop your own marketing materials.

Full Document Library and online transaction rooms - custom documents and agreements to help you complete transactions. 

At LandSeAir Real Estate Group, we have streamlined all parts of the deal. Clients can apply online, agents can submit paperwork remotely, and even get paid, without ever having to step foot in the office.




We have 10+ years of industry experience


At LandSeAir Real Estate Group, Inc., we’ll give you the attention and personal service you’ll come to expect and enjoy at a real estate company.  We also feel that agents should be equipped with the tools that will maximize their professional and financial potential. Therefore, we offer our agents both comprehensive resources and flexible, industry-leading high-split commission options.


We believe that hard-working real estate professionals should keep as much of their commissions as possible. We offer commission payout as high as 95%. LandSeAir specializes in residential real estate,  and maintains 10+ years of outstanding service in the industry.

Choose from one of our three commission options


Option 1: $199/Month Keep 95%

This plan is for the active agent. On this plan agents pay $199 every month and keep 95% of their commission. No Deal Fees, No Transaction Fees, No Hidden Fees, MLS Fees are included on this plan.


Option 2: $99/Month Keep 90%

This plan is for agents who want to keep their monthly expenses low. Pay only $99/month and keep 90% of any commission earned. No Deal Fees, No Transaction Fees, No Hidden Fees, MLS Fees are not covered under on this plan. 


Option 3: Keep 85%

This plan is for agents who prefer not to have a monthly expense. Agents on this plan get to keep 85% of any 

commission earned. No Deal Fees, No Transaction Fees, No Hidden Fees. MLS Fees are not covered under option 3.


What We Do

With over 15 years experience in the New York City real estate market and a proven track record of extremely satisfied clients, we now offer access to groundbreaking new technology for the real estate industry: virtual reality tours. Using the latest in 3D mapping technology, we create realistic, interactive models of our listings - providing our clients with full transparency and allowing them to "tour" hundreds of apartments from the comfort of their own homes.