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LandSeAir Real Estate Group, Inc. is a boutique real estate company dedicated to the success of our agents. As a hybrid agency, with the ability to do both rentals and sales, we have an inventory of over 1,500 managed co-ops and condos units as well as over 800 exclusive rental units. Our agents have direct access to one of the largest listing databases in the NYC Market, giving our agents one of the best income potentials in the industry.

Sales and rentals

LandSeAir offers you the unique opportunity to concentrate on both sales and rentals. This allows your earning potential to follow the shifts in a fast-changing market. We find that by working both sales and rental you will be more well rounded and have a lot more knowledge to offer your clients, allowing you to work with a larger variety of clients.

Our sales training includes one-on-one consulting sessions with management, personal mentoring sessions with seasoned agents, customized private sales coaching, interactive tech training as well as ongoing training seminars and workshops.

At LandSeAir Real Estate Group, Inc., your success is our top priority, and with the support of our experienced mentors and coaches, we will give you confidence in your work and the edge over the competition.


We teach you how to market yourself in the shortest timeframe possible, allowing you to strike while the market is hot. Our new recruit training is a fast-track program that puts you into play immediately. Our sales process include

  • One-on-one consulting sessions with management. Your success is our top priority and we will do all we can to ensure your success.

  • Personal mentoring sessions with seasoned agents. This will enable you to get a much quicker head start and a definite advantage over the competition.

  • Customized, private, sales coaching. This will allow you to be more thrive in the real estate market, and you will have the support of a well trained coach to guide you to amazing successes.


Our closing ratio is over 95% thanks to our in-house closing managers whose sole focus is on closing your deals, so that you can go out and make more.

  • Online Syndication. We syndicate every exclusive so it is among the first to come up in a search–Google,,   Yahoo, Trulia, Hotpad, etc.

  • MLS Syndication. LandSeAir insures our properties get the absolute greatest possible exposure as quickly as possible.


With mentors to teach you, a dedicated service staff and a team you can view as a family, you'll get to live your dream career at LandSeAir Real Estate Group, Inc.

Current Openings:

  • Experienced Real Estate Agent
  • Brand Embassador: LandSeAir is devoted to reaching our market through well-qualified, self-motivated Brand Ambassadors who share our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.Brand Ambassadors will have the unique opportunity of promoting an exciting brand through multiple strategies online as well as on-campus throughout the school year.

    Becoming a Brand Ambassador will give you an invaluable, tangible experience to build from, and a chance to work alongside an internationally acclaimed start-up that is experiencing rapid growth.

What We Do

With over 15 years experience in the New York City real estate market and a proven track record of extremely satisfied clients, we now offer access to groundbreaking new technology for the real estate industry: virtual reality tours. Using the latest in 3D mapping technology, we create realistic, interactive models of our listings - providing our clients with full transparency and allowing them to "tour" hundreds of apartments from the comfort of their own homes.